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NuBeauté Hydrating Oil and Gel (6 Pack)

3 months supply and free shipping!   US$360

All of our NuBeauté skin care products are formulated with natural oils, herbal extracts and pure water.  Natural oil molecules can be easily absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin to nourish and moisturize cells.

NuBeauté Hydrating Oil  US$60 + Shipping

Secret Ingredient:  Camellia Seed Oil

Our hydrating oil absorbs rapidly and provides long lasting deep skin moisturizing.  Helps to protects your skin's natural moisture and stimulates the skin rejuvenation process, resulting in a younger and healthier looking appearance.

Nutrican International Inc.


Founded: 1999

Based In: Canada


Our Products are:  neither purely botanical line nor chemical-laced. All of our products are clean, pure and hypoallergenic formulations developed for all international skin types and for both genders.

NuBeauté Hydrating Gel  US$60 + Shipping

Secret Ingredient:  Mucopolysaccharides


Our hydrating gel rapidly draws into the skin and provides long lasting deep skin moisturizing.  Stimulates the skin’s rejuvenation process, and helps to accelerate cell renewal.

Mucopolysaccharides is a special water-soluable moisturizer from aloe vera that helps to hold your skin's collagen and elastin together, thus enhancing its firmness and elastic properties